Coffee girl addicted to Spark!!!! Team AdvoCare! #energyjunkie


Every morning, I wake up and drink a Spark. Watermelon  happens to be my flavor of choice, because it is so yum!!!!! I used to be a coffee girl (I still am as a treat), stopping at dunkin donuts every morning spending $2-$4, depending on what I was feelin. Because I am an AdvoCare distributor, I do get a 20% discount on anything I order, but without the discount spark is only $1.23 a serving (canister = $51.95/42 servings). So even before I became a distributor, I was saving money. Not to mention the health benefits I receive, I’ll get into that in a few.

My boyfriend started the AdvoCare journey way before I was into it. I had tried spark a few times and didn’t see what he was so crazy about. Then, I started drinking one before I came to work. I began to notice that instead of giving me a buzz type jolt where I just wanted to talk to my Co workers, it gave me a mental focus, I would come in ready to work, to be on task. I also wasn’t crashing, wanting another coffee at 10 am.

Spark is packed with vitamins that I am happy to get first thing in the morning. Because I use quite a few of their products, I have stopped using multi vitamins all together. Here is a fact sheet on the ingredients / benefits of consuming Spark:


So not only am I saving money, but I’ve also cut quite a few calories, as well a sugar, completely out of my daily diet. I feel great!!!!!! I don’t go a day with my spark guys!!!!

If your interested in trying spark out, you can buy a box of single serve, they are a little more money a serving ($1.63), but there are only 14 servings so you don’t feel so committed. They can be purchased here. There are plenty of fun flavors,  Fruit Punch, Grape, Pink Lemonade, Mandarin Orange, Green Apple (another one of my favorites), Mango Strawberry, Cherry! My only advice would be to play with the amount of water to mix with it, I had to find my right balance for my taste buds, I use somewhere between 12-14 ounces depending on the flavor, where as the box suggest 8.

If your interested in any other AdvoCare products, please visit my site and feel free to ask me questions, I would love to answer any!!!!!!

I wish everyone a wonderful Monday!

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