Fix #1-My first Stitch Fix Box


My Stitch Fix, Fix #1 finally arrived! I tried peeking online  (I don’t have an iPhone to be able to use their app 😕) , and I was a little worried when I read the names of a few of the items… and saw the prices. I picked the “cheaper the better” option, which is a step below the $50-$100/item option. Yet some of my items are much pricier than that.

Upon opening my styling card, I wasn’t too impressed either. #doublewammy


Bay to Baubles, Nordic Stone and Feather Necklace $28


Super disappointed with this necklace. It weighs about 1/4 of an ounce, literally light as a feather…which to me comes off as cheap. For a $28 necklace, it should not feel cheap. But that’s not what busted it for me, it’s the stone design.Returning

RD Style, Matt T-Shirt Knit Dress $58


Not loving this one either. It is super comfortable and super forgiving… But not very flattering. This is a dress that I wouldn’t mind picking up for $10, (on sale at a Ross) to run errands in, but I don’t see myself wanting to wear this to lunch with friends, or a day date with my man. It may be cute with a slim belt, but that’s not my style, my body type doesn’t bode well with that type of accessory. Returning


Le Lis, Sadria Contrast Trim Top, $44


I don’t love the print on this shirt, but it probably would have been a keeper had it fit better. It doesn’t look too bad from the front, but here is a side view:


It makes me feel pregnant! I’m all about the flowy top, they are my fav, but I think I would have liked this better in a small. Since I’m obviously not getting the discount, I can’t see myself paying $44 for this. Returning

Liverpool, Frankie Printed Cropped Jean, $78



I actually like the print on these, I think it’s fun. You can’t tell from too far away, but close up they are too cute. Unfortunately, they seem more like ankle length then cropped, yet they are more open then a skinny jean on the bottom and I just don’t like the way they look. I don’t like cuffed jeans either, so rolling them up isn’t an option (I tried it, promise). These just aren’t for me. Returning

Last but not least.

Renee C, Jaimie Eyelet Stripped Cardigan, $48




This one I tried to style as suggested on my style card… Did not make me like the jeans anymore, and especially wouldn’t wear it with the dress (the dress is blue and white, the cardigan is off-white). This happens to be the only item I would actually consider keeping. It is cute with jeans, warm yet light at the same time. But without the discount, even with my credit I can’t see myself spending $48 on this. Is it silly to rather let them keep my $20?? Undecided


At $172 with my discount, I don’t find this fix super expensive if I loved every item and were keeping them all. After all, the stylist has to get paid, the shipping and return shipping is plugged in there, not to mention the convenience and the overheard.

Overall, I think this fix is a total bust. I gave my stylist my pinterest board link, which you can view here and I don’t feel like she looked at it, at all. Plus I live in Florida and it’s about to be summer, I don’t really need jeans and a cardigan! But I’m optimistic, I think I may give it one more go before I quit it!

I would love to hear your opinions! If you are interested in signing up for stitch fix, click here!



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