Small Bathroom Update! Under $100.


I’ve been working on this bathroom since we moved in. It’s primarily my son’s bathroom, but also the guest bathroom. It’s super tiny, so I wanted to add some color in there that would pop out. When we moved in, it had a hideous mirror. It was etched around the edges with a floral design, definitely not something I wanted in my son’s bathroom. Or in general, lol.

I found this gem at Lowe’s for around $30.


I also got my shelves at Lowe’s for around $18 a piece. They are 23″ floating shelves. Super easy to install.


I mostly got everything else at hobby lobby, on sale of course! That’s just how I roll!

Flowers are a must for me. I have them everywhere. I think they add warmth and color, which are two of my favorite things! These I paid $6.80 for.


My son actually picked this out. He’s the happiest little boy you’d ever meet, even nick named smiley on his baseball team, so it was no suprise that he’d like this. 😊😊 This baby cost my a crazy $1.99. I like mixing the silvers and the golds!


My son also picked this out. He calls it a dog, I’m pretty sure it’s a horse, but either way it was a bargain at $6.80 as well!


Towels I got at Target actually. I believe I spent around $7 for two hand towels, and two face towels.


A basket was the first thing I looked for, as I didn’t want guests to have to dig through my cabinets for toilet paper. This was also on sale at hobby lobby for $7.79. It was only 30% off because it’s a “spring item”.  A little more than I wanted to pay, but the color worked!


Last but not least, the framed saying I also grabbed at Hobby Lobby for $12.


Overall, my bathroom got a nice upgrade for less than $100. I took a very boring, very plain bathroom and added color, depth, and character. I was a little worried that the shelves were gonna make the room look smaller, but it really did the opposite. I absolutely love the way it turned out, and most importantly so does my son!


Thankful for weekend projects!!!!

I got my shower curtain prior to moving in, I believe I got it at Kohl’s, for probably less than $20 knowing me. 😊


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