Fix #3–Stitch Fix Box #3,  special request! 

I got my #3 fix in on Friday. I wasn’t going to get a fix for another month or so (I set them on 3 month increments), but I special requested one to come in ASAP, due to my recent engagement. I have a girlfriend making me a special tee for my engagement party,  that I want to pair with a fun high-waisted black skirt and a chunky collared necklace (since the shirt is a plain white tee). I dreaded shopping and then I thought Stitch Fix would be perfect for this. I put in my note that I was looking for a few specific items (fun black high waisted skirt, and chunky collar necklace) and to refer to my pinterest board as I had pinned about 6 new pins with similar items. I also added anything white would be great, jeans, dress, whatever! 

I didn’t peek at my fix cause I was on vacation. Upon opening the fix I was a little disappointed, as there was no black skirt, not even in the note did she say hey didn’t have one, sorry, when I stressed this was the one item I was really getting my fix for. 🙁 But I will say even though this fix was my most expensive so far, it was by far more my style. 

 Papermoon Lonnie Crochet Back Knit Tank $38, paired with Warp + Weft Mattie Skinny Jean,  $98

First I would like to say I absolutely loved these skinny jeans. I don’t know about you but I always find it super hard to get white jeans on, they are always super tight in the legs and super unflattering. I’m 5’2″, 130 lbs, I wouldn’t think finding a nice material white jean would be so rough, but I’ve had no luck. These were great, perfect feel, material, weight. Loved them. They are just a smudge too tight. I’d love to try them again in a size up, but I would hate to spend this much on a size exchange and they not fit and get stuck with them. 

The shirt I love as well, just also a little too big (long really) and she actually sized me down to a small since I had size issues with mediums. Cute detail though and super comfortable. 

Laila Jayde, Bowie Solid Dolman Sleeve Top, $58
I also like this shirt a lot . I used to have a similar pink one, that I wore the crap out of!  It’s super flattering. It’s also pretty comfy. But it is a little on the heavy side, and since it would be another 5 months in this FL heat before I could wear it again, I’m gonna pass on it. I would maybe request it, in another fix though.
Market + Spruce, Carl Ruched Knit Dress, $58 

I like the price point of this dress and the fact it’s a little thicker material, so it is a little more on the flattering side, and you feel your getting good quality. Unfortunately I have a striped dress, so I don’t feel the need to pay for this one. I do think it’s flattering, and really comfortable. Could be casual or dressed up. 
Romolo, Montana Metal Starburst Necklace,  $34

This wasn’t the necklace I had in mind, and until I get my shirt back I’m not sure if it’s chunky and fun enough, but I am going to keep it and give it a try. I am glad that she included a collar necklace, as I requested. This is better quality than other jewelry I have received so I’m thrilled about that. I feel much better paying for it, that way. 
Overall, my fix was pretty good. I just didn’t get the items I was really looking for and these aren’t really calling my name for keepers. I would request the jeans again in a size up though, I think those were the best item in my fix! 1/5, with the potential  of 5/5.

Happy Monday!