Vintage find for my bedroom! 

About a year ago my fiancé and I visited a vintage shop in town and I fell in love with this fireplace / mantle piece. I’ve been thinking about it all year ya’ll! 

We decided to go back to the same store over the weekend and what do you know, the mantle was still there! 

How pretty is this thing? We asked the shop for some information on it. The vendor found it in New England, Maine to be exact and was told it was from the 1930’s. This just made my heart flutter a little bit more! 

So we brought it home!!!! Yay!!!!!!! For a hefty price of $250, but so worth it! 

I’ve been pretty anxious all week to get this baby decorated! Finally I had some time to go to a few shops yesterday. I decided I wanted to do a mix of flowers and books! 

  • Vase I got in sale at Bealles Outlet for $5.99
  • Flowers are two bundles from Hobby Lobby, they are 50% off this week, so I got both bundles for $10. 
  • Books I got from Goodwill for a total of $6. I couldn’t find old books so I just took the flaps of these. I settled for a title called The love story and two Nicholas Sparks books! 
  • Black sign on top reads just love, scored this at hobby lobby for $4.99

Im in love! 🌸🌹🏡💕 


Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes

It’s been too long since I’ve written a post!! I have been a little busy wedding planning! At the end of June, my love of 8 years got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife! 

Best. Day. Ever. 
I have actually been calmy coasting through wedding planning, since we set a 2018 wedding date. I didn’t want, or need,  wedding planning to be my part time job. I don’t have the financial resources to hire a wedding planner, so I thought I’d actually enjoy this time in my life if I had TIME! So far, I’m loving it! 

Since we booked our venue, I thought it’s time to officially ask my girls to stand by my side. I knew I wanted to do a box, but wasn’t exactly sure how to put it together. I decided to go Etsy crazy, and found so many cute things. I ended up spending about $140 for these proposal boxes, which is less than $25 a girl! 

Details of whats in the box:

  • Mini Champagne, I ordered through because I wasn’t sure where to find them around town. Turns out they happen to be everywhere… even walgreens 😐. I probably could have saved $10 buying them from local stores, lesson learned. 
  • Custom labels for the champagne bottles,  which were super easy to apply, they came with instructions how to remove the original labels, which worked perfectly. LabelWithLove
  • Lip balm,in lavender vanilla. She was even sweet enough to include a regular lip balm stick for me, in pumpkin spice!  BitterWilloughby
  • Push pop confetti, I didn’t have a good experience receiving this item, so I won’t name call here, but they work and are super cute so that’s a plus! 
  • My favorite item, The bride and bridesmaid drawing, these are so adorable I would highly recommend them! They are 5×7 on nice satin paper. I just love them!  JesMarried
  • The date card and dress card I made myself with Microsoft Publisher. Super easy. Had them printed out at Walgreens.   
  • I can’t say I do without you I also made with white card stock, floral card stock, and my Cricut machine. I used the cut feature for the flowers, which I glued flower card stock underneath and used the pen feature with metallic gold to write “I can’t say I do without you” . 
  • The names and arrows on the lid I also did myself on my Cricut. This is cut out foil vinyl which I absolutely love. This is copper color and I couldn’t be more pleased with how they turned out.
  • Last but not least, the boxes are from hobby lobby, they are picture boxes. I went for 6 days in a row and used my 40% coupon to get these for $2.40 each

I haven’t given these out yet, but I really can’t wait to see my girls open them! I hope they love them as much as I do! 

Fix #3–Stitch Fix Box #3,  special request! 

I got my #3 fix in on Friday. I wasn’t going to get a fix for another month or so (I set them on 3 month increments), but I special requested one to come in ASAP, due to my recent engagement. I have a girlfriend making me a special tee for my engagement party,  that I want to pair with a fun high-waisted black skirt and a chunky collared necklace (since the shirt is a plain white tee). I dreaded shopping and then I thought Stitch Fix would be perfect for this. I put in my note that I was looking for a few specific items (fun black high waisted skirt, and chunky collar necklace) and to refer to my pinterest board as I had pinned about 6 new pins with similar items. I also added anything white would be great, jeans, dress, whatever! 

I didn’t peek at my fix cause I was on vacation. Upon opening the fix I was a little disappointed, as there was no black skirt, not even in the note did she say hey didn’t have one, sorry, when I stressed this was the one item I was really getting my fix for. 🙁 But I will say even though this fix was my most expensive so far, it was by far more my style. 

 Papermoon Lonnie Crochet Back Knit Tank $38, paired with Warp + Weft Mattie Skinny Jean,  $98

First I would like to say I absolutely loved these skinny jeans. I don’t know about you but I always find it super hard to get white jeans on, they are always super tight in the legs and super unflattering. I’m 5’2″, 130 lbs, I wouldn’t think finding a nice material white jean would be so rough, but I’ve had no luck. These were great, perfect feel, material, weight. Loved them. They are just a smudge too tight. I’d love to try them again in a size up, but I would hate to spend this much on a size exchange and they not fit and get stuck with them. 

The shirt I love as well, just also a little too big (long really) and she actually sized me down to a small since I had size issues with mediums. Cute detail though and super comfortable. 

Laila Jayde, Bowie Solid Dolman Sleeve Top, $58
I also like this shirt a lot . I used to have a similar pink one, that I wore the crap out of!  It’s super flattering. It’s also pretty comfy. But it is a little on the heavy side, and since it would be another 5 months in this FL heat before I could wear it again, I’m gonna pass on it. I would maybe request it, in another fix though.
Market + Spruce, Carl Ruched Knit Dress, $58 

I like the price point of this dress and the fact it’s a little thicker material, so it is a little more on the flattering side, and you feel your getting good quality. Unfortunately I have a striped dress, so I don’t feel the need to pay for this one. I do think it’s flattering, and really comfortable. Could be casual or dressed up. 
Romolo, Montana Metal Starburst Necklace,  $34

This wasn’t the necklace I had in mind, and until I get my shirt back I’m not sure if it’s chunky and fun enough, but I am going to keep it and give it a try. I am glad that she included a collar necklace, as I requested. This is better quality than other jewelry I have received so I’m thrilled about that. I feel much better paying for it, that way. 
Overall, my fix was pretty good. I just didn’t get the items I was really looking for and these aren’t really calling my name for keepers. I would request the jeans again in a size up though, I think those were the best item in my fix! 1/5, with the potential  of 5/5.

Happy Monday! 


Just finished Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard… I just can’t even!

**Contains Spoilers**


Can we all just take a moment of silence for the end of Glass Sword.

And for dead Queen Elera? (jk, let’s cheers to that one, woo hoo).

I am just in shock.

I get a little depressed everytime I finish a book, especially if said book is part of a series. They are always a cliff hanger, I’m super impatient and super invested in these characters, and then bam you hit a brick wall. #nextoneisntwrittenyet

Book three isn’t coming out until 2/2017, ugh, what??? #havinganervousbreakdown

I loved this book. I think you got a much better idea of who Mare really is. She’s such a selfish and passionate character it’s intoxicating. She makes bad decisions, for the right reasons, it’s so genuine. And stupid. But lovely.

The relationship that is going on between her and Cal is what I find most intriguing, and irritating. It’s a tug of war that I can’t help but want clarification of. I am totally team Mare and Cal. I think Cal does truly know whats right, I know that given the opportunity he would want to lead a path his mother would be proud of. They would make the perfect rulers. But I guess that’s the point isn’t it? To demolish the structure of the “kingdom”

The epilogue broke my heart.

Is Cal going to save Mare?
Is Farley pregnant?
Did Jon set Mare up?
Why did the author let Shade die?
What’s going on with the green triangle people?

I have so many questions! Please share your ideas!

Small Bathroom Update! Under $100.


I’ve been working on this bathroom since we moved in. It’s primarily my son’s bathroom, but also the guest bathroom. It’s super tiny, so I wanted to add some color in there that would pop out. When we moved in, it had a hideous mirror. It was etched around the edges with a floral design, definitely not something I wanted in my son’s bathroom. Or in general, lol.

I found this gem at Lowe’s for around $30.


I also got my shelves at Lowe’s for around $18 a piece. They are 23″ floating shelves. Super easy to install.


I mostly got everything else at hobby lobby, on sale of course! That’s just how I roll!

Flowers are a must for me. I have them everywhere. I think they add warmth and color, which are two of my favorite things! These I paid $6.80 for.


My son actually picked this out. He’s the happiest little boy you’d ever meet, even nick named smiley on his baseball team, so it was no suprise that he’d like this. 😊😊 This baby cost my a crazy $1.99. I like mixing the silvers and the golds!


My son also picked this out. He calls it a dog, I’m pretty sure it’s a horse, but either way it was a bargain at $6.80 as well!


Towels I got at Target actually. I believe I spent around $7 for two hand towels, and two face towels.


A basket was the first thing I looked for, as I didn’t want guests to have to dig through my cabinets for toilet paper. This was also on sale at hobby lobby for $7.79. It was only 30% off because it’s a “spring item”.  A little more than I wanted to pay, but the color worked!


Last but not least, the framed saying I also grabbed at Hobby Lobby for $12.


Overall, my bathroom got a nice upgrade for less than $100. I took a very boring, very plain bathroom and added color, depth, and character. I was a little worried that the shelves were gonna make the room look smaller, but it really did the opposite. I absolutely love the way it turned out, and most importantly so does my son!


Thankful for weekend projects!!!!

I got my shower curtain prior to moving in, I believe I got it at Kohl’s, for probably less than $20 knowing me. 😊

Fix #2- Stitch Fix box!


My 2nd fix arrived! I peeked at this fix, and right off the bat loved the prices! I immediately thought my stylist must have really read my note, I was super exited, especially after my first fix was kind of a bust, as you can read here.


I liked my style cards, the items seemed way more my style than the previous fix. My note from my stylist, Denise, was super cut  too. She noted that she looked at my pinterest page, which is great. I really believe she did, too.


Prices were also more on point. $142 total is way more my ballpark of what I’m looking to pay.

Market and Spruce, Madrella Slouchy Boyfriend Knit Tank, $38


This was the item I was most disappointed about. I originally thought if anything I’d keep this, since it would only cost me an additional $18. But the shirt is huge. Not what I was expecting at all. I could literally keep it as a bathing suit cover up…



Verdict : Undecided

THML, Brandi Embroidered Skirt, $58


This skirt is not at all my style. I’m a little curvy on the bottom for being so short, not to mention I’m not as skinny as I was before becoming a mother, so I don’t find this flattering at all. Skinny tall people can rock these type skirts, that’s just not me.


Super unflattering! Verdict : not loving it

Papermoon Pontiac Crossback Knit Tank, $44


This shirt I think is super adorable. So my style. Super light weight, breathable, which is good for the Florida weather, plus the detail in the back is cute.


Verdict : undecided

Skies Are Blue, Olana Crochet Detail Top,  $48


This shirt I really love as well, it fits really well, tight enough on top and bottom but still loose enough to not be skin tight. I love the back. This is probably my favorite item in my fix.


Verdict : undecided, only because of price

Romolo, Willa Bar Drop Earrings, $28


I hate these earrings. Again, I feel like they are so cheap. You can honestly get better quality jewelry from Walmart than the items I’ve received so far.

Verdict: hate them.

Overall, I think my fix is a 2/5. Love the Papermoon and Skies are Blue tops. But considering to keep these two items I’d be spending an additional $72.00, I just can’t do it. I think that’s insane, personally. Neither one of these are super great quality in my opinion. I’m weighing the option of keeping everything, and seeing if I can’t sell a few items, or returning everything.

I’m really not sure if stitch fix is for me. The fixes as a whole are affordable, but items singularly are not. What’s the chance I stumble upon a 5/5 fix???

My stylist did do a great job this time though, that is one thing I can’t complain about!

Verdict: super undecided on what to do!!!

DIY Wood Trash Can Bin


Say hello to my new kitchen trash can home! I’m so excited about this piece. My Dad built this for me, to hold my trash can in my kitchen. We have a dog, who likes to dig in the trash so for the past 4+ years I’ve been staring at my kitchen trash bin on my kitchen counter. #whatadrag. So when I found some plans on pinterest, I sent them to my Dad and said hey, let’s build this!


My Dad did all the work. He did alter the plans a little bit, if he wasn’t so secretive I’d share them with you. He made it more like the gal that posted the pin,  as opposed to the original plans from Ana White, which can be found here. With his own little twist!

My Dad opted to put a wood bar inside that stops my front door from falling to the ground, it has a round screwed in removable piece that I can remove and pull the whole thing down, just in case something falls behind there, which is super nice.  (you can see it below pulled up so I could put my front on the ground).


This is how it is normally “stopped”  to just tilt out a little bit…


I love the way it drops down and stops! I’m so in love with this. I did all the staining and finishing myself! I used Minex English Chestnut, and a satin polyurethane coat. I didn’t want this to be a fancy shiny piece since it’s in my kitchen.

Thank goodness for weekend projects!! 😊😊