Vintage find for my bedroom! 

About a year ago my fiancé and I visited a vintage shop in town and I fell in love with this fireplace / mantle piece. I’ve been thinking about it all year ya’ll! 

We decided to go back to the same store over the weekend and what do you know, the mantle was still there! 

How pretty is this thing? We asked the shop for some information on it. The vendor found it in New England, Maine to be exact and was told it was from the 1930’s. This just made my heart flutter a little bit more! 

So we brought it home!!!! Yay!!!!!!! For a hefty price of $250, but so worth it! 

I’ve been pretty anxious all week to get this baby decorated! Finally I had some time to go to a few shops yesterday. I decided I wanted to do a mix of flowers and books! 

  • Vase I got in sale at Bealles Outlet for $5.99
  • Flowers are two bundles from Hobby Lobby, they are 50% off this week, so I got both bundles for $10. 
  • Books I got from Goodwill for a total of $6. I couldn’t find old books so I just took the flaps of these. I settled for a title called The love story and two Nicholas Sparks books! 
  • Black sign on top reads just love, scored this at hobby lobby for $4.99

Im in love! 🌸🌹🏡💕 


Bedroom Makeover Complete! Budget Friendly nightstand decor at $80!! #bedroomupdate

Bedroom Nightstand Decor
Night stand decor, gray and white theme

Being the impatient person that I am, I started immediately shopping for how to decorate my night stands after finally hanging my bargain mirrors last weekend, which I wrote about earlier in my blog!!! I am super excited how they turned out! I am always shopping for good deals, and was able to match my style and my color scheme at an affordable price. #doublepoints


I found the lamps at my local Ross store for a steal. It is a 24 inch table lamp, silver and crystal  base with a gray shade. How perfect is this? Even better it was only $24.99!


Books and flowers are some of my favorite things so I knew I wanted to incorporate them somehow, without breaking the bank or my color scheme. The flower set I found at TJ Maxx for only $6.99! The book boxes are from Hobby Lobby, both discounted 50%, were $7.99 and $9.99. I absolutely had to have the love one when I saw it, being my bedroom, I love to express all things love!


I’m obsessed with my finished project, I hope you love it too. Spending just under $80 for a mirror, lamp, book boxes and flowers I feel like I most certainly didn’t break the bank! I feel accomplished and the need to have an adult, decorated bedroom fulfilled!!

Happy Saturday folks, I hope you have a fabulous weekend!!!!!