Just finished Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard… I just can’t even!

**Contains Spoilers**


Can we all just take a moment of silence for the end of Glass Sword.

And for dead Queen Elera? (jk, let’s cheers to that one, woo hoo).

I am just in shock.

I get a little depressed everytime I finish a book, especially if said book is part of a series. They are always a cliff hanger, I’m super impatient and super invested in these characters, and then bam you hit a brick wall. #nextoneisntwrittenyet

Book three isn’t coming out until 2/2017, ugh, what??? #havinganervousbreakdown

I loved this book. I think you got a much better idea of who Mare really is. She’s such a selfish and passionate character it’s intoxicating. She makes bad decisions, for the right reasons, it’s so genuine. And stupid. But lovely.

The relationship that is going on between her and Cal is what I find most intriguing, and irritating. It’s a tug of war that I can’t help but want clarification of. I am totally team Mare and Cal. I think Cal does truly know whats right, I know that given the opportunity he would want to lead a path his mother would be proud of. They would make the perfect rulers. But I guess that’s the point isn’t it? To demolish the structure of the “kingdom”

The epilogue broke my heart.

Is Cal going to save Mare?
Is Farley pregnant?
Did Jon set Mare up?
Why did the author let Shade die?
What’s going on with the green triangle people?

I have so many questions! Please share your ideas!