Vintage find for my bedroom! 

About a year ago my fiancé and I visited a vintage shop in town and I fell in love with this fireplace / mantle piece. I’ve been thinking about it all year ya’ll! 

We decided to go back to the same store over the weekend and what do you know, the mantle was still there! 

How pretty is this thing? We asked the shop for some information on it. The vendor found it in New England, Maine to be exact and was told it was from the 1930’s. This just made my heart flutter a little bit more! 

So we brought it home!!!! Yay!!!!!!! For a hefty price of $250, but so worth it! 

I’ve been pretty anxious all week to get this baby decorated! Finally I had some time to go to a few shops yesterday. I decided I wanted to do a mix of flowers and books! 

  • Vase I got in sale at Bealles Outlet for $5.99
  • Flowers are two bundles from Hobby Lobby, they are 50% off this week, so I got both bundles for $10. 
  • Books I got from Goodwill for a total of $6. I couldn’t find old books so I just took the flaps of these. I settled for a title called The love story and two Nicholas Sparks books! 
  • Black sign on top reads just love, scored this at hobby lobby for $4.99

Im in love! 🌸🌹🏡💕 


DIY Wood Trash Can Bin


Say hello to my new kitchen trash can home! I’m so excited about this piece. My Dad built this for me, to hold my trash can in my kitchen. We have a dog, who likes to dig in the trash so for the past 4+ years I’ve been staring at my kitchen trash bin on my kitchen counter. #whatadrag. So when I found some plans on pinterest, I sent them to my Dad and said hey, let’s build this!


My Dad did all the work. He did alter the plans a little bit, if he wasn’t so secretive I’d share them with you. He made it more like the gal that posted the pin,  as opposed to the original plans from Ana White, which can be found here. With his own little twist!

My Dad opted to put a wood bar inside that stops my front door from falling to the ground, it has a round screwed in removable piece that I can remove and pull the whole thing down, just in case something falls behind there, which is super nice.  (you can see it below pulled up so I could put my front on the ground).


This is how it is normally “stopped”  to just tilt out a little bit…


I love the way it drops down and stops! I’m so in love with this. I did all the staining and finishing myself! I used Minex English Chestnut, and a satin polyurethane coat. I didn’t want this to be a fancy shiny piece since it’s in my kitchen.

Thank goodness for weekend projects!! 😊😊